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Royalwood Golf Golf Course

41050  Royalwood Drive Chilliwack, BC  V2R 4J1

Manager  Dan Ehrenholz

Phone      604-823-4653 (Golf)

Toll Free  866-895-7590


Royalwood RV Park and Royalwood Bed and Breakfast

41172 Royalwood Drive Chilliwack, BC V2R 4J1

RV and B&B Manager Jon Ehrenholz

Phone                             604-823-4111 

Toll Free                         855-940-4111


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Pro Shop
Jim McMurdo/ Jeff Letkeman

604-823-4653 Ext1
RV/Bed & Breakfast 604-823-4111
Restaurant 604-823-4653 Ext3   

Dan Ehrenholz

604-823-4653 Ext.4

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